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LOTS from 542 to 614

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LOT 612


1947. Letter: ISOLA - FIUME (RIJEKA), franked with two values of Fourth Provisional Issue in accordance with new tariff (Lit. 8.) from 01.04.1947. This item confirms the continuation of the former larger Zone B tariff and stamps in the reduced Zone B. Very fine and rare.

Number of visitation: 1274 Please make your bid

LOT 613


1951. Stationery Postcard: NOVIGRAD - ZELINA. Arrival cancellation of 05.08.1951. Rare example of genuinely used stationery.

Number of visitation: 1160 Please make your bid

LOT 614

1952. Letter: NOVIGRAD - ZELINA, franked with a pair of Din. 2. stamps from the 'Domestic Animals' set. Arrival cancellation on reverse. Fine.
Number of visitation: 1173

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