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LOTS from 570 to 620

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LOT 610

1947. Postcard: IĆIĆI -ZAGREB (1945 is error of date in text) franked with single Lit. 5. stamp of the Second Printing of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Rare cancellation of Ićići and a rare single use of Second Printing stamp. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1538 Please make your bid

LOT 611


1947. Registered Letter: CRES - COLUMBUS. OHIO, USA. franked with two values of Fourth Provisional Issue in accordance with new tariff (Lit. 15. foreign letter and Lit. 23. foreign registration) from 01.04.1947. including the rare Lit. 35. value. Letter with extensive delivery remarks. New York and Columbus arrival cancellations to reverse, fine.

Number of visitation: 1368

LOT 612


1947. Letter: ISOLA - FIUME (RIJEKA), franked with two values of Fourth Provisional Issue in accordance with new tariff (Lit. 8.) from 01.04.1947. This item confirms the continuation of the former larger Zone B tariff and stamps in the reduced Zone B. Very fine and rare.

Number of visitation: 1270 Please make your bid

LOT 613


1951. Stationery Postcard: NOVIGRAD - ZELINA. Arrival cancellation of 05.08.1951. Rare example of genuinely used stationery.

Number of visitation: 1156 Please make your bid

LOT 614

1952. Letter: NOVIGRAD - ZELINA, franked with a pair of Din. 2. stamps from the 'Domestic Animals' set. Arrival cancellation on reverse. Fine.
Number of visitation: 1169

LOT 615

1953. 'Paquebot' Mail from s/s 'VIDA: UMAG - VIENNA, franked with a pair of Din. 1. stamps from 'Domestic Animals' set and Din. 10. stamp from the ,National Economy' first issue. Austrian censor cachet. Very fine and rare example of this type of mail from STT VUJA B Zone.
Number of visitation: 1240

LOT 616


1996. CEPT Evropa kompletna serija u NEZUPČANIM tabačićima sa vinjetom, veoma retko, poznato svega nekoliko kompleta.Odličan kvalitet.
1996 CEPT Europe complete set in IMPERFORATED sheets with vignette, very rare, only few sets in sheets known. Fery fine.

Number of visitation: 1116

LOT 617

1997. DVA TIPA PRETISKA U SUTISKU, 1 d/R vertikalni par sa crvenim pretiskom, gornja marka u tipu II, donja u tipu I, 9. i 10. red tabaka (Mi 72 I, 72 II Zd) na ekspresnom avio pismu za Minhen, sa retkim žigom BIJELO BRDO.
1997 TWO TYPES OF OVERPRINT IN SE-TENANT, 1 d/R vertical pair with red overprint, top stamp in type II, bottom stamp in type I, 9th and 10th row in sheet (Mi 72 I, 72 II Zd) on express airmail letter to Munich, with rare BIJELO BRDO cancel.
Number of visitation: 1108 Please make your bid

LOT 618

1997. KLJUČNA VREDNOST NA PISMU, 20 d/R ključna vrednost serije (Mi 77) na petobojnom ekspres preporučenom avio pismu iz Ostrova za Budimpeštu, dolaz na poleđini.
1997 KEY VALUE ON LETTER, 20 d/R key value in set (Mi 77) on five-color express registered airmail letter from Ostrovo to Budapest, arr cds.
Number of visitation: 1105 Please make your bid

LOT 619

1997. I ŠTAMPANJE; POVUČENO IZ OPTICAJA, NA PISMU, 1.50 d Jasna Šekarić, I štampanje sa netačnim engleskim tekstom na gornjem privesku, na ekspres preporučenom pismu za Banja Luku, sa retkim žigom TRPINJA i dolazom na poleđini.
1997 1st PRINTING; WITHDRAWN FROM CIRCULATION, ON LETTER, 1.50 d Jasna Sekaric, 1st printing with incorrect English text on top tabs,on express registered letter to Banja Luka, with rare TRPINJA cancel and arr cds on back.
Number of visitation: 1117 Please make your bid

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