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LOTS from 591 to 615

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LOT 601

1946. Letter: OPATIJA - PAZIN. franked with Lit. 6. using three stamps of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Album traces on reverse otherwise very fine/
Number of visitation: 1395 Please make your bid

LOT 602

1946. Local Letter: RIJEKA (FIUME). franked with combination of Zagreb and Belgrade Definitive Issues. Interesting translation annotations of the address. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1495 Please make your bid

LOT 603

1946. Postcard: OPATIJA - HRADEC KRALOVE , CZECHOSLOVAKIA, franked with single Lit. 10 stamp of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1576

LOT 604

1946. Letter: FIUME - MILANO, ITALY franked with two values of the Second Printing of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Note: the crossed out word 'FASCISTA' in the heading. Fine.
Number of visitation: 1592 Please make your bid

LOT 605

1946. 'Window' envelope: FIUME - ITALY, franked with Lit. 5. and Lit 10. values of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Letter rate for Italy was changed to Lit foreign tariff in December
1946. Fine.

Number of visitation: 1585 Please make your bid

LOT 606

1946.Official Military Registered Stampless Letter: OPATIJA - ROVINJ. Military style Opatija registration label, rare example of free of postage mail by military institutions. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1563 Please make your bid

LOT 607

1946. Letter: RIJEKA (FIUME) - TRIESTE . Franked with two Zagreb issue stamps. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1574 Please make your bid

LOT 608

1947. RAŠA/A, veoma redak žig u odličnom kvalitetu na kompletnom frontu pisma upućenog za Rijeku.
1947 RASA/A, very rare cancel, very fine on complete letter front sent to Rijeka.
Number of visitation: 1571

LOT 609


1947. RETKA DESTINACIJA OPATIJA - HRADEC KRALOVE, razglednica frankirana sa 10 Lit/9 d, upućena za ČSSR, odgovarajuća promenjena - smanjena tarifa za međunarodni saobraćaj. 1947. VODNJAN/DIGNANO, redak dvojezični žig na razglednici upućenoj za Varaždin.

1947 RARE DESTINATION OPATIJA - HRADEC KRALOVE, picture postcard franked with 10 Lit/9 d, sent to CSSR, appropriate changed - decreased tariff for international traffic. 1947 VODNJAN/DIGNANO, rare bilingual cancel on picture postcard sent to Varazdin.

Number of visitation: 1546 Please make your bid

LOT 610

1947. Postcard: IĆIĆI -ZAGREB (1945 is error of date in text) franked with single Lit. 5. stamp of the Second Printing of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Rare cancellation of Ićići and a rare single use of Second Printing stamp. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1524 Please make your bid

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