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LOTS from 900 to 910

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LOT 910

1926. ZA POPLAVLJENE (PLUSERICA), + 0.50 d na 1 1 d neupotrebljenoj dop. karti, prigodno izdanje za međunarodni saobraćaj sa doplatnim viškom u korist poplavljenih, ključna celina Kraljevine u odličnom kvalitetu.
1926 FOR THE FLOODED (STAMP WITH OVERPRINTED SURCHARGE SO-CALLED "PLUSERICA") + 0.50 d on 1 1/2 d unused postal card, commemorative issue for international traffic with surcharge For the Flooded, key stationery of Kingdom of Yugoslavia, very fine.

Number of visitation: 1213

Page: ‹‹‹12 of 2

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