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LOTS from 164 to 175

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LOT 174

1909. NOVINARSKE (TROJIČKI SABOR) kompletna serija (bez 1 p) BEZ GRBA. Marka od 25 p sa delom natpisa TROJIČKI SABOR. Odličan kvalitet.
1909 NEWSPAPER STAMPS (JOURNALISTS' MEETING) complete set (without 1 p) WITHOUT COAT OF ARMS. Stamp 25 p with part of inscription TROJICKI SABOR (Journalists' Meeting). Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1177

LOT 175

1911. UPOTREBA SOLO FRANKATURE : 1 d preporučeno pismo iz Beograda za Anterpen u Belgiji ispravno frankirano sa solo markom od 1 d i to 25 p tarifa za inostranstvo 2 x 25 p II i III stopa težine (87gr) i 25 p za preporuku za inostranstvo. Pojedinačna upotreba ove marke na pismu je izuzetno retka. Prilika za naprednu zbirku poštanske istorije. Dolaz na poledjini, odličan kvalitet.
1911 USE OF SINGLE FRANKING: 1 d registered letter from Belgrade to Antwerp in Belgium correctly franked with single stamp 1 d: post tariff: 25 p for international traffic 2x25 p 2nd and 3rd weight tier (87gr) and 25 p for registration in international traffic. Single use of this stamp on letter is extremely rare. Opportunity for postal history collectors. Arr cds, very fine.
Number of visitation: 1180 Please make your bid

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