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LOTS from 1155 to 1242

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LOT 1235

1938. Dve celine POSLATE AVIONOM iz Dubrovnika za Beograd ispravno dofrankirane markama za aero izložbu. lep par, odlièan kvalitet.
1938 Two stationeries SENT BY AIRMAIL from Dubrovnik to Belgrade, properly franked with stamps for the aero exhibition. beautiful couple, very fine.
Number of visitation: 559 Please make your bid

LOT 1236

1938 Express Registered Letter: Dubrovnik - Stockholm 15.06.1938. Zemun 5 transit on 18.06.
1938. Combination of the 1st and 2nd Airmail set of extremely high franking Postage Din. 71.00 . Very fine.
Number of visitation: 534 Please make your bid

LOT 1237

1938 Registered Letter: Curug - Laholm, Sweden 04.11.1938. Transit Zemun 5 for 05.11.
1938. Postage: Din. 10.50 ~ Letter Din. 4.00, Registration Din. 4.00, Air Mail Surcharge Din. 3.00. Underpaid by Din. 0.50. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 532 Please make your bid

LOT 1238

1938 Registered Letter: Belgrade - Bucharest 04.06. Nice commercial cover cancelled in Belgrade 04.06.Then with Zemun 5 Transit cancel and Bucharest arrival for 04.06. Postage: Din. 8.00 ~ Letter Din. 3.00 ( Surface tariff is benefit tariff for Romania)., Registration Din. 3.00, Air Mail Surcharge Din. 2.00. Very fine.
1938 .Registered Letter: Stari Sivac - Budapest 28.11.Letter cancelled on train post office Zagreb - Beograd T.P.O. 28.11. , with Zemun 5 transit 28.11., Two Budapest arrivals for 29.11. Postage: Din. 10.00 ~ Letter Din. 4.00, Registration Din. 4.00, Air Mail Surcharge Din. 2.00. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 530 Please make your bid

LOT 1239


1938 Registered Postcard: Dubrovnik - Hamburg 21.04. Illustrative Dubrovnik postcard cancelled on 21.04.Fain Beograd circular cancel on 23.04. Hamburg arrival for 24.04. on the front and receivers rectangular cancel 25.04. on the back. Postage Din. 8.00 ~ Postcard Din. 2.00, Registration Din. 4.00, Air Mail Surcharge Din. 2.50. Underpaid by Din. 0.50. Very fine, rarely used stationery in air traffic.

Number of visitation: 446 Please make your bid

LOT 1240


1939. R - avio pismo upuæeno iz Ciriha za Laufen prvim Sviserovim letom EUROPA FLUG/ ZURICH - BELGRAD, sa specijalnim žigom leta i tranzitom Zemuna.

1939. Pismo upuæeno iz Varšave za Beograd prvim letom WARSZAWA - BEOGRAD sa specijalnim avio žigovima u ljubièastoj boji.

1939 Recom. letter on special Swissair flight, arrived at Zemun airport and returned to Switzerland - Bern.

1939 Letter sent from Warszawa via Zemun to Belgrade, arrival special cancellation in violet was used, only on this first flight.

Number of visitation: 443

LOT 1241


1940. Avionsko pismo iz EGIPTA za Beograd ispravno frankirano i cenzurisano.
1940 Airmail Letter from EGYPT to Belgrade properly franked and censored.

Number of visitation: 458 Please make your bid

LOT 1242

1940. Avionsko pismo iz Borova preko aerodroma Zemun 5 preko New Yorka za PANAMU. Sa ravnim francuskim žigom : "brodskim servisom Francuska Sjedinjene Države. Ispravna mešana frankatura 4 d i avionske marke 1 d + 3 X 2 d. ZA PANAMU, retka destinacija. Odlièan kvalitet.
1940 Airmail letter from Borovo via Zemun Airport 5 via New York to PANAMA. With line French mark: "ship service France - United States. Correct mixed franking 4 d and airmail stamps 1 d + 3 X 2 d. FOR PANAMA, a rare destination. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 452

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