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LOTS from 1003 to 1004

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LOT 1003

1945/49. TITO, tri neupotrebljene dop. karte, 1 d srpski/hrvatski tekst, 2 d slovenački tekst i 3 d slovenački/francuski tekst (Mi P 103, 114, 126).
1945/49 TITO, three unused postal cards, 1 d Serbian/Croatian text, 2 d Slovenian text and 3 d Slovenian/French text (Mi P 103, 114, 126).
Number of visitation: 1009

LOT 1004

1952. KOMPLETNA SERIJA, Tito, dve neupotrebljene dop. karte sa plaćenim odgovorom, za domaći i međunarodni saobraćaj.
1952 COMPLETE SET, Tito, two unused postal cards with paid reply, for domestic and international traffic.
Number of visitation: 1024

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