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LOTS from 1210 to 1217

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LOT 1210


1952 Helsinki Olympic Games. Unaddressed First Day Cover cancelled KOPER 26.07.1952. Very fine.

Number of visitation: 817 Please make your bid

LOT 1211


1952 Navy Day. First Day Cover: KOPER - MILANO, ITALY 13.09.1952. Trieste transit and Milano arrival cancellations on reverse. Very fine, rare

Number of visitation: 841 Please make your bid

LOT 1212


1952. Druga UPU serija u četvercu. Retko izdanje. Odličan kvalitet.
1952 Second UPU in block of four, rare issue. Very fine.

Number of visitation: 844

LOT 1213

1952. XV LETNJE OLIMPIJSKE IGRE, HELSINKI, TABAK, Helsinki, kompletna serija u tabacima od 25 maraka, pomoćno izdanje za Zonu B (Sassone 56/61, kat. €6250).
1952 15th SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES, HELSINKI, SHEET, Helsinki, complete set in sheets of 25 stamps, provisional issue for Zone B (Sassone 56/61, cat. €6250).
Number of visitation: 834 Please make your bid

LOT 1214

1952/54. OZNAKE PLOČA, 30 d i 200 d Avionka, 50 d Tito i 15 d Kongres KPJ, tri ugaone i jedna ivična marka, izdanja za Zonu B, sve sa oznakama ploča II odn. 2.
1952/54 PLATE MARKS, 30 d and 200 d airmail issue, 50 d Tito and 15 d Congress KPJ, three corner and one marginal stamp, issues for Zone B, all with plate marks II i.e. 2.
Number of visitation: 845

LOT 1215

1952/53. TIPIČNE GREŠKE NA CRVENOM KRSTU, 0.50 d sa belim rukavom i 2 d sa dvostrukom crvenom fazom - crvenim krstom, izdanja za Zonu B.
1952/53 TYPICAL ERRORS ON RED CROSS, 0.50 d with white "sleeve" and 2 d with double red phase - red cross, issues for Zone B.
Number of visitation: 812 Please make your bid

LOT 1216


1953. DOP. KARTA, II TIP, 10 d Tito, dop. karta, pomoćno izdanje za Zonu B, II tip pretiska, neupotrebljena (Mi P 12 II).
1953 POSTAL CARD, 2nd TYPE, 10 d Tito, postal card, provisional issue for Zone B, 2nd type of overprint, unused (Mi P 12 II).

Number of visitation: 807

LOT 1217


1953. DOP. KARTA, I TIP, 17 d Tito, dop. karta, pomoćno izdanje za Zonu B, I tip pretiska, neupotrebljena (Mi P 13 I).
1953 POSTAL CARD, 1st TYPE, 17 d Tito, postal card, provisional issue for Zone B, 1st type of overprint, unused (Mi P 13 I).

Number of visitation: 807

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