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LOT 24

1866. KOMPLETNO BEČKO ŠTAMPANJE, Mihailo, bečko štampanje, kompletna serija sa jednoredim žigovima naplaćeno i preporučeno u dobrom kvalitetu.
1866 COMPLETE VIENNESE PRINTING, Mihailo, Viennese printing, complete set with one-line postage paid and registered cancels, fine.
Number of visitation: 1878 Please make your bid

LOT 25

1866. I BEOGRADSKO ŠTAMPANJE, RAZNE NIJANSE, dve proširene kompletne serije I beogradskog štampanja na pelir pariru, svih osam maraka u različitim nijansama.
1866 1st BELGRADE PRINTING, VARIOUS SHADES, two expanded complete sets of 1st Belgrade printing on pellure paper, all eight stamps in different shades.
Number of visitation: 1822 Please make your bid

LOT 26


1867. MIHAILO, novinske marke, I beogradsko štampanje, zupčanje 9 1/2, dve kompletne serije u različitim nijansama.
1867 MIHAILO, newspaper stamps, 1st Belgrade printing, perforation 9 1/2, two complete sets in various shades.

Number of visitation: 1804 Please make your bid

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