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LOTS from 599 to 613

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LOT 599

1946. TRI RAZGLEDNICE, dve različite frankature, sa italijanskim žigom ABBAZIA i jugoslovenskim žigom OPATIJA/B.
1946 THREE PICTURE POSTCARD, two different franking, with Italian cancel ABBAZIA and Yugoslav OPATIJA/B cancel.
Number of visitation: 481 Please make your bid

LOT 600

1946. ČETIRI BOJE, TRI NAMENE, italijanske taksene marke, za tri različite namene na proglasu izdatom i overenom u načelstvu grada Fjeso Umbertiano kod Bolonje.
1946 FOUR COLORS, THREE PURPOSES, Italian revenue stamps, for three different purposes on declaration issued and certified in city administration of Fiesso Umbertiano near Bologna.
Number of visitation: 483 Please make your bid

LOT 601

1946. Letter: OPATIJA - PAZIN. franked with Lit. 6. using three stamps of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Album traces on reverse otherwise very fine/
Number of visitation: 420 Please make your bid

LOT 602

1946. Local Letter: RIJEKA (FIUME). franked with combination of Zagreb and Belgrade Definitive Issues. Interesting translation annotations of the address. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 425 Please make your bid

LOT 603

1946. Postcard: OPATIJA - HRADEC KRALOVE , CZECHOSLOVAKIA, franked with single Lit. 10 stamp of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 428 Please make your bid

LOT 604

1946. Letter: FIUME - MILANO, ITALY franked with two values of the Second Printing of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Note: the crossed out word 'FASCISTA' in the heading. Fine.
Number of visitation: 433 Please make your bid

LOT 605

1946. 'Window' envelope: FIUME - ITALY, franked with Lit. 5. and Lit 10. values of Zagreb Definitive Issue. Letter rate for Italy was changed to Lit foreign tariff in December
1946. Fine.

Number of visitation: 433 Please make your bid

LOT 606

1946.Official Military Registered Stampless Letter: OPATIJA - ROVINJ. Military style Opatija registration label, rare example of free of postage mail by military institutions. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 429 Please make your bid

LOT 607

1946. Letter: RIJEKA (FIUME) - TRIESTE . Franked with two Zagreb issue stamps. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 432 Please make your bid

LOT 608

1947. RAŠA/A, veoma redak žig u odličnom kvalitetu na kompletnom frontu pisma upućenog za Rijeku.
1947 RASA/A, very rare cancel, very fine on complete letter front sent to Rijeka.
Number of visitation: 433 Please make your bid

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