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LOTS from 730 to 737

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LOT 730

1945. ISTRA, IV POMOĆNO IZDANJE, kompletna serija u četvercima (Mi 34/7).
1945 ISTRIA, 4th PROVISIONAL ISSUE, complete set in blocks of four (Mi 34/7).
Number of visitation: 1766 Please make your bid

LOT 731

1945. Registered Local Letter: FIUME, franked with full set of the Second Fiume Provisional Issue. Arrival cancellation on reverse. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1891

LOT 732

1945. Letter: PAZIN - ZAGREB , franked with single Lit. 0.50 stamp and a pair of Lit. 1.50 stamps of the Ljubljana Definitive Issue. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1882 Please make your bid

LOT 733

1945. Letter: FIUME - MILANO, franked with a pair of Lit. 2. stamps of the Ljubljana Definitive Issue. Note the crossed out word 'FASCISTA' in the heading. Repaired in upper left corner, otherwise a fine and interesting item.
Number of visitation: 1888 Please make your bid

LOT 734

1945. Trieste Provisional Issue. Letter: SERVOLA - TRIESTE 11.07.
1945. Rare use of L. 1 + L.1 stamp from a small village in the neighbourhood of Trieste. Correspondence addressed to the Social Security office. Rare and very fine.

Number of visitation: 1959

LOT 735

1945. Fiume Provisional Issues (1 & II): Registered local letter: PAZIN. Six colour franking including the rare L. 20 /1.25 stamp. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 1966 Please make your bid

LOT 736

1945. Fiume Provisional Issue (II). Registered local letter: FIUME franked with the combination of L. 2 and L. 10 stamps. Provisional registration label, Yugoslav military authorities censor cachets. Very early use of the Fiume Provisional stamps. Rare and very fine.
Number of visitation: 1975 Please make your bid

LOT 737

1946. TRI TIPA PRETISKA U SUTISKU, 0.50Lit/20 Lit I porto pomoćno izdanje, četverac, pravougaonici pretiska u I tipu, jedan ceo, dva vertikalno i jedan horizontalno podeljen, atest Petric.
1946 THREE TYPES OF OVERPRINT IN SE-TENANT, 0.50Lit/20 Lit 1st postage due provisional issue, block of four, rectangles of overprint in 1st type, one complete, two vertically and one horizontally divided, certificate Petric.
Number of visitation: 1979 Please make your bid

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