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LOTS from 796 to 797

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LOT 796

1916. ZENZURIERT: BEZAMT B.DUBICA, redak jednoredi cenzurni žig u karminskoj boji na pismu iz Bosanske Dubice za Kasu, Mađarska, dolaz na poleđini.
1916 ZENZURIERT: BEZAMT B.DUBICA, rare one-line censorship cancel in carmine on letter from Bosanska Dubica to Kasa, Hungary, arr cds.
Number of visitation: 809 Please make your bid

LOT 797

1916. KOMPLETNA NEZUPČANA SERIJA, Franja, II redovno izdanje, kompletna nezupčana serija, široki randovi, laki prvi falc.
1916 COMPLETE IMPERFORATE SET, Franz, 2nd regular issue, complete imperforate set, wide margins, gentle first hinge.
Number of visitation: 888

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