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LOTS from 812 to 814

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LOT 812

1918/19. OBRNUTI PRETISAK, petnaest vrednosti uklj. ekspres i porto sve lokalna izd. za Hrvatsku sa obrnutim pretiskom.
1918/19 INVERTED OVERPRINT, fifteen denominations incl. express and postage due all local issues for Croatia with inverted overprint.
Number of visitation: 466

LOT 813

1918/19. PROBE PRETISKA, petnaest vrednosti sa probom pretiska namenjenog za druga izdanja.
1918/19 OVERPRINT PROOFS, fifteen denominations with overprint proof intended for other issues.
Number of visitation: 468

LOT 814

1918. DVOSTRUKI PRETISAK, dvadeset maraka žeteoca i parlament, lokalna izd. za Hrvatsku sa dvostrukim pretiskom.
1918 DOUBLE OVERPRINT, twenty stamps Mowers and Parliament, local issues from Croatia with double overprint.
Number of visitation: 463

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