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LOTS from 976 to 977

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LOT 976

1983. PEČURKE 6.10 d, 8.80 d i 15 d tri nezupčane ugaone marke sa svojeručnim potpisom autora A. Milenkovića i datumom 17. januar.
1983 MUSHROOMS 610 d, 8.80 d and 15 d three imperforate corner stamps with handwritten signature A. Milenkovic and date 17 January.
Number of visitation: 1098 Please make your bid

LOT 977

1984. XIV ZIMSKE OLIMPIJSKE IGRE, SARAJEVO, blok u nezupčanom horizontalnom paru iz štamparskog tabaka (Mi Bl 22 Paar U) Lux.
1984 14th WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES, SARAJEVO, miniature sheet in imperforate horizontal pair from printing sheet (Mi Bl 22 Paar U) superb.
Number of visitation: 1110 Please make your bid

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