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LOTS from 137 to 138

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LOT 137

1878. PAR 20 p V ŠTAMPANJE NEZUPČAN U SREDINI (horizontalno). Poznato je samo 10 ovakvih parova, sa pogrešnom perforacijom Ukras za naprednu zbirku, odličan kvalitet.
1878 PAIR 20p FIFT PRINTING INPERFORATED in the middle (horisontaly). It is only ten such pairs known, with error in perforation. For advanced collection. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 313 Please make your bid

LOT 138

1878. NEZUPČANA 20 p V ŠTAMPANJE. Poznato je malo ovakvih primeraka sa ŠIROKIM RUBOVIMA. Ukras za zbirku, odličan kvalitet.
1878 INPERFORATED 20p FIFT PRINTING. It is only a few such items known with wide margins. For collection decoration. Very fine.
Number of visitation: 311 Please make your bid

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